In today’s marketplace‭, ‬companies are having to do more with fewer resources‭.‬‭ ‬That’s why we encourage customers to take advantage of our packaging team‭.‬‭ ‬With over 95‭ ‬years of experience in the packaging industry‭, ‬our team can provide the same expertise of an outside consulting firm‭, ‬at no additional cost to you‭. ‬

Are you ready for EPIC packaging solutions‭?‬

Stage 1‭: ‬Evaluate

We perform an on-site audit of your packaging operation‭, ‬collect data and gather relevant information‭. ‬Our team analyzes those findings to uncover opportunities for process improvement‭, ‬increased efficiency‭, ‬time savings and cost reduction‭.‬

Stage 2: Plan

We present a plan of action and custom-tailored solutions designed to optimize your packaging operation. From individual product suggestions to full line integration and automated systems, we provide comprehensive recommendations and develop a step-by-step plan of execution.

Stage 3: Implement

Our team works with you through every step of the implementation including testing, training, validating results and any other project-specific needs. Change can be hard, and we are dedicated to ensuring a smooth transition.

Stage 4: Continuously Monitor

We work with you to monitor progress to be sure you get the desired results and adjust as necessary. Developing relationships with our customers in this way allows us to continually look for opportunities to help improve your business operations and find cost savings.

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