1‭. ‬Pick the size for your trash can‭.‬
Most can liner sizes are designated by two numbers—width and length (example 33 x 40). 

Measuring for the correct liner size:

  • Bag Width = ½ the outer circumference of the container.
  • Bag Height = the height of the container + ½ the diameter or diagonal of the bottom of the container + 3” for overhang.
    If your liner has three measurements, the third is for the gusset. 

2‭. ‬Pick the correct gauge‭.‬‭ ‬
The two main types of plastic used to make can liners are Linear Low Density (Low-D or LLD or LLDPE) and High Density (Hi-D or HDPE). 

  • Low-D liners are measured in mils and provide excellent strength, puncture and tear resistance. These liners are used when you expect to dispose of rough or sharp objects, but these bags have a lower load capacity than Hi-D bags.
  • Hi-D liners are measured in microns and provide a higher load capacity and are puncture resistant, but are more prone to tear. These liners are generally used for paper and non-rough objects under normal transport conditions.


3‭. ‬Know the capacity of your liner.
Capacity is measured in gallons for trash can liners. It is important to note that ‘Capacity’ does not refer to how much weight a bag can handle. That depends on the quality of plastic, the type of seal and the gauge.


Which is the right seal for your application?

Star Seal‭ (‬or X-Seal‭)
The star seal is designed without gussets and eliminates gaps along the seal where leaks can occur.

Gusseted Seal
A gusseted seal is a flat style bag manufactured with both sides tucked in to form gussets. 

Flat Seal
A flat seal is a two-dimensional bag with a bottom seal, much like a pillow case. 

Do you prefer flat fold or rolled case packs?

Individually Folded Can liners are separately folded, then stacked on top of one another. This allows the end-user to pull liners out of the box with more ease vs. bulk-folded bags.

Cored Roll liners are rolled together on cardboard cylinders (looks similar to a roll of paper towels). Can liners come inside a special box that dispenses with ease.

Coreless Roll liners are rolled together without an internal core. This allows for thinner rolls and prevents excess waste. Rolls are perforated or are interleaved.

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