Get maximum virus protection and healthy air for your business with AeraMax® Pro. 

Experts agree that airborne transmission of coronavirus still poses a significant threat to our health. The virus can remain suspended in the air for up to three hours.

Find The AeraMax Pro That Your Indoor Space Needs 
Available as wall mount units or floor stands for spaces of all sizes, offering convenience and versatility.

Watch the video below to see AeraMax Pro air purifiers in action.

Healthy Air, Healthy Spaces

AeraMax Pro machines are designed with a combination of smart and effective technology, along with commercial-grade True HEPA filters, to be highly effective for the capture of airborne viruses.

AeraMax Pro AM 2 Series
Small Spaces (150-250 sq. ft.)

Ideal for exam rooms, narrow hallways, small public restrooms.

AeraMax Pro AM 3 Series
Medium Spaces (300-500 sq. ft.)

Ideal for offices, conference rooms, classrooms, restrooms, waiting rooms, enclosed shared spaces.

AeraMax Pro AM 4 Series
Large Spaces (650-1100 sq. ft.)

Ideal for open office layouts, large conference rooms, large shared air spaces.


All AeraMax Pro purifiers, filters, and accessories are special order.

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