Does it really MATter what’s under your feet?

You probably haven’t given much thought to the mats on your floor, but the proper placement of the right type of mat is important for cleanliness and safety.

Entryway mats keep dirt and debris from getting into your building so floors stay cleaner. Some mats also increase productivity by providing leg and back support for workers who are on their feet all day. And for workplaces that have high-traffic wet areas, there are mats that offer extra protection to help prevent slipping accidents.

Popular Mat Styles

Scraper/Wiper Mat

Placed inside facility entrances to provide scraping and wiping action to further remove dirt and moisture.

Wiper Mat

Wiper mats have incredible dust retention properties that contribute to improving the air quality and cleanliness of your facility.

Scraper Mat

Used outside facility entrances to stop mud and large particles from entering the building.

Custom Logo Mat

A unique way to promote your company's image. Logos or other designs can be replicated on the face of numerous styles of mats.


Anti-Fatigue Mat

Enhances worker productivity by providing support for legs and back, allowing your employees to feel comfortable and rested.

Anti-Static Mat

Helps control electrostatic discharge to protect electronic components from damage and data loss.

Slip Resistant/ Safety Mat

Protects against slips and falls by creating safe working areas for employees and visitors.

Flow Through Mat

A wet area solution that allows liquids to pass through to eliminate slip hazards and provide comfort when standing for long periods of time.




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