Sigma VANISH machine and hand film is a revolutionary film powered by Eclipse bio-assimilation technology.

After packing and taping boxes, stretch film is used to wrap and secure those boxes on a pallet. But what happens when the stretch film comes off and needs to be discarded? You make it vanish!

Many stretch films are recyclable but only get recycled when a diligent routine is in place. Sigma Stretch Film offers VANISH, a state-of-the-art stretch film designed to bio-assimilate beginning two years after production. Available in machine or hand film, Vanish breaks down to its original base components and becomes a food source for micro-organisms.

Feel better wrapping your boxes with a stretch film that is reliable, revolutionary, and more eco-friendly. That’s the power of Sigma VANISH.

To learn more about how Sigma VANISH bio-assimilates, watch this informational video:

When you need stretch film to vanish, it’s twine time.


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