Clorox Healthcare®
Spore DefenseTM
Cleaner Disinfectant



Are you ready for a game changer in patient protection?

Using Spore Defense™ with the Clorox Total 360® System is the quick and easy solution to help prevent HAIs. The Clorox Total 360® System is an innovative electrostatic sprayer with a patented PowerWrap™ nozzle that delivers trusted Clorox solutions to surfaces with superior coverage for better germ protection so hospitals and other healthcare facilities can rest assured that they are killing C. diff spores in the spots that were missed during manual cleaning.

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Spore DefenseTM Key Features:

  • Kills C. diff in 5 minutes; Kills 38 additional bacteria and viruses in 1 minute 
  • Meets the EPA Emerging Viral Pathogen designation for use against SARS-CoV-2 in 1 minute 
  • Great surface compatibility and residue profile 
  • Low odor with no added fragrances 
  • PPE: gloves; no N95 needed with Total 360 

Intended for use in:

  • Hospitals 
  • Dialysis Clinics 
  • Doctor’s Offices 
  • Nursing Homes 
  • Patient Rooms 
  • Operating Rooms 
  • Emergency Vehicles 
  • Isolation Areas 
  • Emergency Rooms 
  • Patient Transport Equipment 
  • Long-Term Care Facilities 


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