Fall in Glove at First Sight With Vinyl & Vitrile

Both are general purpose gloves that are 100% latex free and powder free. Vitrile is stronger than vinyl but less expensive than nitrile and offers the comfort and dexterity of latex. This very thick, chemical resistant option is ideal for humid environments where other gloves cannot be used.

Since the Blak Nyle vitrile gloves are made with P.O.W.E.R. technology – Put On Wet – Easily Remove! – they easily slide onto damp or dry hands. No matter what you wear your gloves for, we’ve got a pair that your hands will fall head over heels for.

Item # Size
032864 Medium
032858 Large
032866 X-Large

Item # Size
380055 Small
380056 Medium
380057 Large
380058 X-Large

When the glove fits…it’s twine time.


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